XXXIX Cycle de Conférences

18 Juillet 2018 – Salle de réunion – 20H00

What are the effects of online job search on the labor market?


Thiago SCARELLI – Master’s student in the program of Analysis & Policy in  Economics  at  the  Paris  School  of  Economics  (PSE)  /  École  des Hautes-Études  en  Sciences-Sociales  (EHESS).  Graduated  with bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Economics from Universidade de São Paulo (USP).

The canonical job search model in Labor Economics predicts that the emergence of online job boards should  decrease the costs involved in looking for a job and improve the quality of the matching between firms  and  workers.  Reviewing  the  empirical  literature,  we  see  that papers from the 2000s do not fint a signiticant effect: unemployment duration, matching quality and unemployment rate did not improve with the use of online search tools. However, more recent research, which use more rigorous methods, confirm the hypothesis that online tools  can  reduce  friction  in  the  labor  market.  We  discuss  the differences  in  those  results  and  conclude  with  a  comment  on  the limitations and opportunities of online job search in the near future, noting that the key question to  be addressed is how to reduce the cognitive costs in searching over large lists of options.